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:: May 05, 2004: 11:47 AM

Not so much a book I have read as one I have started to use.

I was recently at one day of the Jesus Seminar conference in New York City. I may write more on that at a later date but I picked up a neat book: "An Uncommon Lectionary: a companion to Common Lectionaries" by John Beverley Butcher, Polebridge Press. It includes readings from the scriptures we are familiar with but also from some of the other gospel/gospel fragments (Thomas, Peter, Mary Magdalene, Infancy Gospel of James), the re-constructed Q sayings and early church documents: the Secret Book of James, the Odes of Solomon and the Didache.

In the Sophia of Jesus Christ 90:14 - 92:5 there is passage about Jesus after his rising being with the "12 disciples and 7 women" Jesus words of peace are familar to us "Peace be to you! My peace I give to you!" but Philip's words sound less familar. When Jesus asks what he is looking for, Philip responds: "For the underlying reality and the plan."

It reminds me how little we know of those first believers. Philip here sounds very Greek, rather erudite and maybe it is more a reflection of the author's Greek culture than Jesus' Palestininan background and Jewish thought of his day...but we just don't know! I love that...


"The underlying reality and the plan." .. thanks for sharing that discovery; what a fascinating statement. Could also be eastern, buddhist?? Shows how, far from being country hicks, Philip and co were embroiled in a cultural melting pot - and defining it...

Posted by: John Davies at May 5, 2004 04:36 PM


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