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Tell your Doctor friends! :: May 13, 2004: 09:20 AM

In the March 2004 New Internationalist magazine (www.newint.org) there is a little article with an idea I like. In the 60s when my father was the recipient of drug company freebies, the "best" it ever got was a pad of paper with the drug's name on and a pen advertiing the product. We all know the freebies have gone upscale since then ( a dozen years ago I remember identical computers appearing in doctors offices, gifts from a pharmaceutical source). However, the pens persist...and there is evidence this actually influences doctors..seeing the name parked on their desk all day is probably a part of it. So....No Free Lunch has a pen amnesty program - doctors and nurses can swap their advertising one for one that reads:"No Free Lunch" - how cool(www.nofreelunch.org)

Another neat article is "...Imagine That!" by Adam Ma'anit which begins: "If we take as a starting point the goal of any economy to be one that serves the needs of the people rather than the other way around, then imagining a post IMF/World Bank future really isn't much of a stretch. It's a vision thing."

The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have been disasters for poorer nations. At their inception in 1944 they were intendend to be create a fair and stable world economy but was quickly diverted from that to support free trade (not fair trade). 45% of $25 billion loaned annually goes to western transnational corporations -- see article in this issue of New Internationalist.



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