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The Door, Urban Outfitters and more :: May 18, 2004: 09:58 AM

Something has crawled into our wall space and died - that was what I was going to write today...but I got to work and The Door ("The World's Pretty Much Only Religious Satire Magazine") was waiting for me.

The Door is excellent.

My favorites in the May/June 2004 issue are : the parody The Thin Young Ruler -"Have it Yahweh"; Pastor Tilton's Seed -Faith Lottery Tickets; and the phoney ad for "Cleft Behind: what good is a lowly plumber's helper against such evil in these days!!?" ( I just loathe that book series.

Also in there is an article on Urban Outfitters dropping the dress-up Jesus fridge magnet sets. Urban Outfitters have crossed the line before and whilst some of the items may be distasteful to some it always irks me when the American Family Association gets it way...we had people like the AFA in Britain in the 70s...and they got laughed at and they went away. The AFA is big money and I irritates me that some people think AFA and its clones represents my thinking as a follower of Jesus.

Anyway www.thedoormagazine.com is the website and they need subscribers - the whole thing is generated by one part-time staff person and a bunch of volunteers and it has been going since the 70's.

And by the way, Urban Outfitters have some great stuff in their sale right now.



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