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The Smell and slow internet :: May 26, 2004: 10:24 AM

So we thought something had crawled in the wall or ceiling and died. The smell was just appalling. We warned our youngest as she was about to come home from college and actually lives in the basement...

But the day she came back it was not quite so awful...

Well, we have investigated and waited and pondered and we think that the heavy rain and thunderstorms are linked to its demise and that this is (this does not get better!) city sewer smell seeping back. We have remedies in mind but they cost money...what a surprise!

The slow broadband is another annoyance. The daughter (above) is particularly upset, being permanantly attached (when it lets her) and paying the bill for it is increasingly irritating to me. So apart from the really boring, real solutions my husband forwarded me this (check out the disclaimers):



The WiFi spray works great! I sprayed my 233 pentium, and now it is as fast as my 450 AMD k6-2+ 450. It is excellent on toast as well. Highly recommended!

Posted by: Joe D. at October 10, 2004 12:21 PM


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