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really cynical take on US/Iraq :: May 27, 2004: 11:07 AM

Some of my congregation know how I feel about things and send me such as this... but this one is pretty mean and shows just how much anger there is out there at the mess we are in. Sometimes I think people beyond US borders think that all Americans are in agreement with the nation's foreign policy. In this part of the country, at least among those I know, that is not the case.

Rumsfeld 'Delighted' by News

In a nationally televised address, President George W. Bush revealed that the blame for the Iraqi prison abuse scandal would be transferred from the U.S. to the new Iraqi government on June 30.

"Accepting blame for the prison abuse scandal is an important step in Iraq's evolution towards democracy," Mr. Bush said, adding that accountabilityfor the scandal must go to the highest levels of Iraq's yet-to-be-appointed government.

"It is my hope that Iraq's new leaders will accept full responsibility for these abuses," Mr. Bush told his television audience. "There's an old saying:

in a democracy, the dinar stops here."

While diplomatic experts had questioned what exactly the sovereignty handed over to Iraq on June 30 would consist of, the president made it clear that it would consist solely of blame for the prison abuse scandal.

"As of June 30, we fully expect to put an Iraqi face on this fiasco," Mr. Bush said. At the Pentagon, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said that he was "delighted" by news of the decision to blame the prison scandal on the new Iraqi government "This is a solution that should satisfy even our toughest critics, because now those critics will be transferred to the new Iraqi government," Mr. Rumsfeld said.
Prior to the president's announcement, Mr. Rumsfeld had been bracing himself for the release of the Abu Ghraib Golden Edition DVD, including never-before seen footage and special tormenters' narration.

"This DVD is full of extremely radioactive stuff," Mr. Rumsfeld. "Come June 30, the new government of Iraq will have a lot to answer for."



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