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auto vanity plates :: May 28, 2004: 11:49 AM

The other day I saw a VW bug the color of English custard and it's license plate was: YOLKSWGN

I really don't know what to make of car vanity plates...partly because of the word vanity... do only the vain have them?

My own reason for not doing so is twofold...I do not need to give the state that much money each year just to have them but I also have a nagging doubt...I remember my father in the 60s decrying one of his staff who had committed some mild misdemeanor on the roads and would not have been found and charged except that his - old style VW beetle- had large vinyl hippy flowers all over it and was easily recognized. So have a license plate that easily memorized had always made me think t is not such a greta idea...though we are not in any way misbehaving. Perhaps having them makes people behave better though I cannot say I have noticed better driving from their owners than those of us with the boring prison-issue variety.
When I left the UK 13 years ago the only way to get a particular license plate was to buy the car with it on (different system) which seems vain indeed - I believe it's easier now. So I think I'll add interesting ones, probably sick ones(they outnumber the former grouping) but not he annoying ones. Annoying ones are those where a carload of you sit behind it for 4 minute at a light and not one of you can work out what it is supposed to mean. There again, if I post someone might work out what its meant to represent.

The other thing is: how does a 275lb middle aged man feel driving his daughter's pale lilac car to the garage with a license plate like: PRTYGRL - which
could be pretty or party girl, but I am guessing neither of them describing him? Or maybe it did...

I once read about someone whose job it is to check requests for vanity plates for lewdness before they are handed over to be used. I wonder if a new slang word becomes popular enough you might get your plate taken off you if it appears to use it? Do you get a refund (yeah, right!)

Well I have now seen one of the - at most- 50 YOLKSWGN plates in the US. I'll keep you posted.



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