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armenian word for stupid :: June 28, 2004: 12:58 AM

Yesterday I learnt something...the Armenian word for stupid sounds like "ah-bush" -- the Armenian who told me this seemed rather gleeful about it...I thought it worth passing on.

Fahrenheit 9-11 opened at the local independent cinema on Friday and tickets are impossible to come by. Unusual for a documentary to do so well - the numbers tomorrow will be interesting. Shame on the people who would not distribute it and who have tried to quell commercials for it.

Free country? Free speech?


Someone in a newsgroup I frequent believes that Moore should be tried for treason. The same person is always banging on about their "rights". Seems to me that many people want the right to freedom of speech as long as it is only their ideas and their point of view that are freely expressed.

Posted by: Rachel at June 30, 2004 04:43 AM


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