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The Sloganator :: July 27, 2004: 09:24 AM

Back in March the Bush Cheney 2004 campaign had a website where you could create your own campaign poster: it was immediately popular with those not likely to support the Bush Cheney ticket. At first they began rejecting certain words and then they gave up that effort and closed it down.

Favorites? Well I liked Stealing Elections since 2004; We Can Detain You, You Know; Leave Every Child Behind and Axis of Idiocy.....

Ther are a few places on the web where you can see examples of what people produced (the anger is palpable at times!) but there is a link to some of the best...at http//homepages.nyu.edu/~meo232/sloganator

(and yes there is a yahoo group for those really into the sloganator and a wesbite for people to get at the Kerry-Edwards team: start at www.kerrysloganator.com/gallery



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