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Evangelicals decry Bush use of churches :: July 28, 2004: 10:39 AM

In the News section of The Christian Century, July 27 2004 there is the headline: "Evangelicals Decry Bush Use of Churches."

Seems our buddies on the (political) right - and it usually goes hand in hand with theological right, (as against left not wrong!!) hence this tactic -- have been trying to get churches to send the Bush campaign their church address lists!!

On a "laundry list" of 22 duties to be perfromed by certain dates, the Bush- Cheney reelection campaign has told the churches they should, by July 31st "send your Church Directory to your State Bush-Cheney '04 Headquarters or give it to a BC04 Field Rep" as well as talk to the pastor about having a voter registration Sunday. The fear is that this jeapodizes not-for-profit status.

Sources for this include Religion News Service. Ecumenical News International and Associated Baptist Press.
Read about it at www.christiancentury.org



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