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Day One :: September 20, 2004: 12:18 AM

Saturday September 18th 2004
Day One:

We prepared to leave as the remnants of Hurricane Ivan rained down on Troy. With our side of the garage full of bags of construction debris, we had to take everything out to the front – so the rain was unwelcome and delayed us a little. More of a delay was the not finding of the camping lamp and having to go shopping…then to the only post office still open…then to Starbucks: well, we all know that all journeys begin at Starbucks! So...

So with three coffees in hand (venti no foam misto, grande no fat misto and a regular for Mike’s flask) and after a brief attempt to try to out our GPS – foiled by some triviality of the Evil Empire (knew we should have paid the extra for Earthmate!!)off we set at 2:15pm.

Almost immediately the skies cleared, the roads were dry.

We stopped in Syracuse for gas and had some quick fast food Chinese food in the Carousel Mall, leaving around 5pm; stopped for another emergency coffee for Mike at a Starbucks on the I-90 still in New York state: we wanted to get out of our home state at least!

We were disappointed to enter Pennsylvania without it ever being mentioned – how unfriendly is that?! We did not want to miss the chance to eat – it was 9pm- so we went to Erie, PA to an Irish pub for dinner, intending to get a motel there too. But the fish and chips revived us and we got back in the car, went back to the good old I-90 and headed towards Cleveland…where Pennsylvania never said good-bye, or please come again but Ohio did not give a damn that we were visiting either. They need hospitality lessons from New York and Massachusetts out here! We know how to welcome our guests in the north east…

The Mohawk River and the Erie Canal were full of water after this rainy summer and stormy September. The wildlife consisted only in flocks of geese, large numbers of Canada geese (for once actually near the country they are named after) and several groundhogs or would that be woodchucks, marmots or whistling pigs.

So our state count for the trip is now 3. Ohio is a new state for us both.

We left the house at 12:42 pm; mileage 6387 – by 2:15 pm we traveled about 10 miles towards our goal but the mileage was 20 miles further along. We ended the day in a motel at Mentor OH, the reading was 6856.

Our mileage for the day was 469 miles.
Trip total 469



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