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arrogant bumperstickers :: September 20, 2004: 01:53 AM

I really disliked this bumper sticker seen in Albany, NY on 9/18.04: “GOD will bless America when America returns to GOD.”

It begs several questions:

1) Which God would that be – whose God do you mean?

2) Exactly when were "(presumably America)" with or in the Lord? I remember hearing once that the Pilgrim Fathers, far from being a courageous group seeking religious liberty were in fact mostly opportunists and adventurers, the majority of whom could not care less about religious freedom. Certainly several of the Founding Fathers had very liberal religious views which in many cases looked more like secular humanism, agnosticism or modern syncretistic faith than anything the religious right spews out on the television today.

3) Does the Book of Job mean nothing to these people? Do the words of Jesus when he said the man was not blind because of his or his parents’ fault, mean nothing to these people? What sort of nasty vengeful God do they worship (even more – why would they?!) – or is this a case of people making God in their own image wanting a vengeful God because they want vengeance heaped upon those they do not like/ are different/ dare to have a contrary view…?



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