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over a year.... :: October 17, 2005: 03:40 PM

Annoyed by the spammers and busy playing catch up after our trip last fall I never did complete the story of the grand tour. I eventually prevented anyone from adding comments but accidentally left one entry - Day One as it happened - that could receive pings. After a whole year - plus a few days- I have just gone in and stopped that and deleted the pings - all of them online gambling.

Reading my blog I remembered how much fun it had been making it, and will continue even if no-one reads it, for my own benefit. I still have my notes to finish the Grand Tour which I will. It was just an awesome vacation and we have been recalling it a lot lately as it was just over one year ago that we wre there (this would have been a better year weather-wise!)

I have started painting some of my favorite parts - Arches mainly - but watercolor was not going to work on those colored rocks so I am using gouache...



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