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Evangelicals decry Bush use of churches :: July 28, 2004: 10:39 AM

In the News section of The Christian Century, July 27 2004 there is the headline: "Evangelicals Decry Bush Use of Churches." Seems our buddies on the (political) right - and it usually goes hand in hand with theological right, (as... read more

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One day I will get to wriite about the Passion of the Christ :: June 09, 2004: 11:30 AM

Neat quote in Christian Century magazine , itself quoting from Tikkun magazine. Susannah Herhschel writes: "every era gets the Jesus it wants" and she goes on to talk about Gibson's Jesus trying to sanctify "the right wing memory of the... read more

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The Door, Urban Outfitters and more :: May 18, 2004: 09:58 AM

Something has crawled into our wall space and died - that was what I was going to write today...but I got to work and The Door ("The World's Pretty Much Only Religious Satire Magazine") was waiting for me. The Door... read more

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Tell your Doctor friends! :: May 13, 2004: 09:20 AM

In the March 2004 New Internationalist magazine (www.newint.org) there is a little article with an idea I like. In the 60s when my father was the recipient of drug company freebies, the "best" it ever got was a pad of... read more

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Neat magazine :: May 07, 2004: 10:04 AM

I love Discover magazine , subtitle Science, Technology and Medicine. The June edition arrived recently and it has The Cracking the Da Vinci Code article I mentioned before: Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio explained as used in Dan Brown's... read more

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