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Elizabeth & Mary by Jane Dunn :: August 10, 2004: 10:05 AM

I have just finished Elizabeth & Mary, Cousins, Rivals, Queens by Jane Dunn (Knopf, 2004 in USA) and I loved it! I have read biographies of both queens before. I have read histories of England and Scotland at this time... read more

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:: May 05, 2004: 11:47 AM

Not so much a book I have read as one I have started to use. I was recently at one day of the Jesus Seminar conference in New York City. I may write more on that at a later date... read more

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going public :: May 04, 2004: 11:08 AM

Yesterday I actually had a day off...Monday is supposedly my day off but things have been a little crazy recently. Anyway, I read and sewed and relaxed and I decided I needed to go live with this especially as I... read more

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