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arrogant bumperstickers :: September 20, 2004: 01:53 AM

I really disliked this bumper sticker seen in Albany, NY on 9/18.04: “GOD will bless America when America returns to GOD.” It begs several questions: 1) Which God would that be – whose God do you mean? 2) Exactly when... read more

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Maimonides on charity :: July 14, 2004: 09:20 AM

I was doing some research for a multi-faith event and found this: The word used or charity in Hebrew is tzedakah from the root tz-d-k, meaning "right.. "just", "morally correct." Within Jewish tradition, tzedekah is a matter of doing "the... read more

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Going Creedless :: June 29, 2004: 10:13 AM

another phone call that began..."I have been reading this book"...The Da Vinci Code is getting people talking! A really nice introduction to the "Going Creedless Alternative Christianities" debate is in The Christian Century magazine of June 1 2004 and carries... read more

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Christians, the flag & idolatry? :: June 16, 2004: 09:22 AM

Just how, exactly, is this not idolatry? What about making vows only to God? read more

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da Vinci Code questions continue :: May 30, 2004: 12:32 AM

A soon as I read the Da Vinci Code last spring I knew it was going to provoke questions. My congregation continues to "discover" it and I can tell within three words of a phone call what the call is... read more

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